I found Kid Pro Therapy in my desperate search for something "new and different" for our daughter. I wanted to shake things up for her since it seemed like she was gaining so little from her current therapy situation. She had been in traditional speech and occupational therapy for 1 1/2 years with little progress. She learned to use the sign for "more", but had no speech production, and had serious sensory integration issues.

We began seeing LorRainne and I was immediately impressed by her positive attitude and "out-of-the-box" way of thinking. She tailored her sessions to meet our daughter's specific needs and had a connection with her right away.

Words cannot express our gratitude towards the Kid Pro staff. We are so blessed to have such wonderful therapists as part of our lives. They are professional and knowledgeable, but also really care about our child. They each work together closely to the benefit of our child, and it feels like we are part of a big family, all working together with the same goal-- to see our child succeed!

-- J.G.

At 18 months our son was not speaking and our Pediatrician advised us to see a speech therapist. The first therapist we called couldn't see us for 6 weeks, but Dr. LorRainne Jones (the owner of Kid Pro) took my call that same day and spent 30 minutes talking to me about my son. Dr. Jones had us come in the next day and after seeing our child she informed us that she saw "Red Flags" relating to Autism. We made an appointment with a neurologist who diagnosed our son with Autism Spectrum Disorder: PDD-NOS. We contacted Kid Pro, and within days, Dr. Jones and her staff started a Verbal Behavior Analysis (VBA) program for our son. Our son also began Occupational Therapy (OT) for a co-existing condition of Sensory Integration Dysfunction. We attended all sessions of VBA and OT, and were given the knowledge to continue through at home – a critical piece that involves family in therapy. Within 6 months, our son was using 2 word sentences and had a vocabulary of around 100 words. After his first year of therapy he was tested with a vocabulary above age-level.

Now five years later, our son is in kindergarten and the teachers after monitoring him at the beginning of the school year, did not see a need for an Individualized Education Program. He has successfully integrated himself in the classroom and has made friends with his classmates. His teacher has recommended having him tested for the Gifted program due to his strong vocabulary, reading skills and natural curiosity to learn more.

None of this would have been possible without the training provided by Dr. Jones and Kid Pro staff. If it wasn't for Dr. Jones' belief in a multi-disciplinary therapy approach (Behavior, Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy), our son would not be where he is now.

We highly recommend Kid Pro and will always be forever grateful to Dr. Jones and her staff.