About Us

In the late 1980s, LorRainne Jones was an assistant professor in the Language and Cognitive Development Program at the University of South Florida.  Deciding she wanted to have more time with her three young children, she decreased her time at the university opting instead to go into private practice.  She took a part time contract position with a local therapy clinic and began building a private practice as a speech-language pathologist.  The company she did contract work for was purchased by a larger corporation and the clinic location was moved.  Soon after that, Dr. Jones and two other speech-language pathologists, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist from the original clinic decided to go out on their own and open a therapy practice.  That practice would be nearer to the old location and more “mom” friendly.    

Kid Pro Therapy opened their doors and steadily grew, gaining a reputation as the “go to” clinic for children with autism.  Within a few years, all of the original founding therapists, except Dr. Jones, had moved away from the clinic for various reasons.  As the founding therapists moved on, more therapists were hired, and as caseload grew, additional therapists were added to Kid Pro Therapy’s staff.   There was no business plan or marketing plan in place at Kid pro Therapy.  The only plan in place was to not have to say no to any parent who called seeking therapy for a child.

Kid Pro Therapy moved to its current location at 16546 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, Florida in the spring of 2005. This space was designed by therapists to meet the needs of clients with a wide range of ages and disabilities.  To meet the needs of young clients, Kid Pro Therapy has small, quiet, well lit therapy rooms stocked with toys. Language, play, learning, and a whole lot of fun are what Kid Pro Therapy offers their younger clients.  For the older client, Kid Pro Therapy has a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, and a full bathroom with a shower. Learning the skills needed for independent living and enjoying the process are Kid Pro Therapy’s goals for older clients with disabilities.